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What is a Doula?

Life Doula

The Greek root word for “Doula” means “a woman who serves”. This term commonly applies to a helper serving in the perinatal season of a mother’s journey. However, as motherhood itself is a birthing of a new season in a woman’s life, I offer extended helping services into the early and middle years of motherhood.

As a Life Doula I come alongside my clients to support them in their unique mothering journey. I provide a safe place, free of judgement, where you can share your heart and struggles. I come alongside to listen, reflect your story, give encouragement, and provide practical comfort and support.

As a mother of eleven children, I have experienced many varying seasons of motherhood. It is my desire to be a beneficial presence in your story; to serve you in the postpartum, and early motherhood seasons of your journey.

I will be your sister-friend on the journey. You never need to walk alone.

Coming Alongside

Who I Am

I am a wife, doula, artist, writer and home-educating mother of eleven children. I am passionate about encouraging women, and helping families thrive.

I am currently offering Post Natal and “Life Doula” services to mothers in the early and middle years of mama-life. I bring an experienced, listening ear, non-judgemental reflection, and practical heart-to-heart support and encouragement to women braving the wilds of life with children!



Every person is unique, imbued with value and purpose, loved and worthy.

I believe that growing your family is a dynamic and and joyful adventure.

I believe that birth is a natural, sacred, and powerful experience that is to be honoured.

Thriving in motherhood is possible for every woman: you can be a calm, confident, and creative mother.

Our perceived failures are invitations into new ways of living; the story doesn’t end with our mess, it ends in victory.

Motherhood is positive, powerful and beautiful.

Birth and life are worth investing in.


POst Natal Support

Postnatal Care

Breastfeeding Support

Mothering the Mother


Reflective Listening

Peaceful Parenting Guidance

Inspired Motherhood

Living in Freedom Where You Are

Mother Muse Workshops

Home EducatIOn Support

Creative Family Guidance

Unschooling Support

Heart-to-heart Journey


Postpartum Services

Through the early days of your life together with your little one, I support you in holding space, creating an atmosphere of reverent peace, and encouraging you through one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

I offer you the opportunity to reflect on your birth experience and process the story.

I am able to care for your baby while you rest, refresh and recover.

I provide light-tidying support for your cocoon space: changing your bed, making tea, doing baby’s laundry.

Breastfeeding support.

Motherhood Mentoring

Through your early and middle years of mothering, I hold space, offer reflective listening, and bring perspective to your unique experience as a mother.

I provide spiritually rooted encouragement, acknowledging that God is present in every aspect of life, providing you with power, healing, and vision to become who you really are.

Motherhood is a journey into your own healing, and I highlight the inspiration innate in your process and draw your awareness to your unique identity being revealed in this season of life.

Private Calls/Sessions

Home Education


Are you curious about home education? Are you exploring homeschooling as an option for your family? I help shed light on the process and the benefits of guiding your own children in their education.

Are you well on the way in your homeschooling journey? I offer encouragement and reflection on your process, help calm fears, and cheer your on!

Are you interested in exploring delight-directed, life-learning and unschooling specifically? This is one of my great passions and I love to share our experience and answer your questions.

Mother Muse


Do you long to connect with other women who believe that thriving in Motherhood is possible?

Are you looking to come alongside passionate, visionary, inspired women and connect at a heart level?

Join guided, intentional workshops to inspire your spirit.

Seasonal Group Workshops.


Words from Women Alongside

“Bonnie assisted me in the birth of my first child in a beautiful home birth and also provided nurturing postpartum care and knowledgable breastfeeding support. She was a calming peaceful presence when I was in fearful stages of birthing and she was an invigorating voice of motivation when I needed strength. Her birthing intuition is powerful and accurate – she knows when to give space and how to honour a woman’s unique birthing process. She is an assertive and strong advocate for mothers to experience their best birth and best life as mother. Her spirit is a steady and trustworthy force that you will cling to during your delivery. The value of the presence and input of a woman like herself with her passionate appreciation for the journey of motherhood, rich experience in the challenges of motherhood and a sincere love for women and families is immeasurable.” -Christie

“Bonnie is a calm, creative soul who has a wealth of knowledge. She will always make you feel heard and powerful in whatever choices you make as a woman. She is an extraordinary person and I highly recommend her.” -Tanya

“Bonnie’s participation in my family’s journey has been tremendously impactful, both as a support in the mothering of my children and as a coach on the unschooling frontier. Her ability to release vision for the care and nurture of children was transformative for us. She helped us rethink cultural paradigms which have been taken for granted for decades that were not child-focused or child-friendly. She realigned us in a new, more prosperous understanding of the full potential of children and family.
Bonnie is a true “Believer”! The energy she brings from that core of who she is, will give you new eyes to see the solutions for any obstacles you face in your unique situation. Her heart for the mothering process is contagious as she is totally in favor of children with all of the excitement and fulfillment they bring to a family. The nurture and experience she will bring to your home will carry you through the season you are in, whether it is welcoming new little ones, parenting, or undertaking the role of home educator. Your family will be so enriched by choosing Bonnie’s services.” -Deborah

“Bonnie‘s presence brings a breath of fresh air into ones life. Her passion for motherhood is energizing, her care and compassion is very real and personal, as she believes that everyone is special. Bonnie has the unique ability to truly understand and encourage mothers. Her creativity coupled with experience provides practical ideas and wisdom, her listening ear and passionate heart fuels moms and gives them the opportunity to be heard, valued and empowered. Bonnie leads mothers to be able to search out and find out what they and their families need, be it pregnancy decisions, birth plans, parenting solutions, daily routines, understanding your value, investing in marriage, creative living and the list goes on! Her positive conversations give a renewed strength and joy for your travels on the mothering journey; it really is a privilege to have Bonnie in your life.” -Anne

“Thank you Bonnie for your gentle and caring spirit. You held space for me to share my struggles with my children’s educational expeiences so far and encouraged me to focus in on the voice in my own heart. You asked me some meaningful questions so I could determine what it was I needed to prioritize, what was working and what wasn’t and what I could change in order to fill their lives with more of what they needed, and less static noise. I feel confident to make the changes we need to make and am so grateful for the wisdom and insight that you shared with me, and excited for what’s to come! Forever grateful and much love.” -Melissa

“Bonnie is a God-send. Truly. She is such a gift. I know, without a doubt, that she is trustworthy. She is wise beyond her years, and also incredibly fun and young at heart. She has given me such beautiful counsel and encouragement when it has come to parenting dilemmas and homeschool struggles. The advice she has given has given me confidence and peace. I always leave her presence feeling encouraged, uplifted, and supported. Her advice is creative, loving and beautiful. I admire her, more than words can say, and am so thankful for her beauty in my life.” -Kristy


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Postpartum Support Package

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Perinatal Doula services are covered by many workplace extended health care plans. Check with your provider to find out if the fee is covered.

Motherhood Mentoring

Seeking support is an investment in your quality of life, family and relationships.

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Home Education Guide

Are you longing for freedom in educating your children? Do you need encouragement on engaging the process of moving past curriculums and text books?

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Mother Muse

Seasonal Group Workshops to awaken spiritual awareness, inspire vibrant mothering, and cultivate creative vision for your life.

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My work is to guide mothers into an awareness of their innate power and creativity and inspire them towards the freedom that is their birthright.